“We are like islands in the sea; separate on the surface,

but connected in the deep.”

– William James


I am a 24 year old plant-based earthling hailing from Queensland, Australia. I created this virtual space to share experiences and thoughts in this life of mine. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle in all of its forms – mentally, physically, emotionally…in friendships and relationships, both with people and with behaviours. I am currently studying a bachelors degree majoring in nutrition and hope to one day build my own business, and help as many people as I can to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

In this space you will find my writings about health, lifestyle, ethical and mindful living, sustainability/eco/zero-waste practices, veganism, minimalism, self-love and other topics that I find interesting. You will also find musings and murmurings of my heart and mind; small pieces of expressive writing and poetry, et cetera.

Life is a journey, and I hope that you will walk beside me in mine.

With love,